Musical Instruments for Kids

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Musical Instruments for Kids
Musical Instruments for Kids
Musical Instruments for Kids
Musical Instruments for Kids
Musical Instruments for Kids
Musical Instruments for Kids

 🎵 MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SET that promotes creativity, concentration and intelligence in children. The wide variety of instruments and sounds will help develop the child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination and rhythm. This percussion set comes with a variety of educational instruments including xylophone, cymbals, triangle, egg shakers, wrist bells, tambourine, castanets, maracas, claves and so much more!

🎵 GREAT FOR PARENTS to connect with preschool age children during activity time, and for kids group or individual play. Hours of fun and smiles guaranteed with your toddler! This set comes in a complete rhythm instrument set that includes instruments in small sizes to fit those cute little hands to shake, beat, tap, play little band and have fun.

🎵 TOY STORAGE BACKPACK INCLUDED in blue or pink colors. This unique and convenient backpack is ideal for easy cleanup and storage of the musical instrument set. Highly recommended for girls and boys.

🎵 SAFE FOR CHILDREN and high quality construction with a smooth and safe wooden finish. Free carrying bag for convenient storage.        


Wooden musical toy set includes the following 24 pieces:

♫ 2pcs Egg Shakers

♫ 2pcs Wrist Bells

♫ 1pcs Triangle with Striker

♫ 2pcs Finger Castanets

♫ 2pcs Claves

♫ 1pcs Tambourine

♫ 2pcs Maracas (12*3.8cm)

♫ 1pcs Wooden Xylophone

♫ 1pcs Rainbow Bell Stick

♫ 2pcs Mallets

♫ 1pcs WoodS ounder

♫ 2pcs Cymbals

♫ 2pcs Hand bells

Please Note:

1. When playing, kids should be under adult supervision to avoid injury playing with the Claves or Mallets, Strikers etc.

2. The tambourine is made of special parchment. Kids can play it by clapping with their hands. Please not use other strikers, which may break the tambourine.


This item is available in Pink and Blue.